Spinal Degeneration Phases

Degeneration Phase 1
During phase 1 of degeneration, a minor loss of spinal balance and curvature is experienced. Areas surrounding the spine begin to wear more easily and are continually stressed. Pain is typically uncommon during this phase. However, if treated early, can potentially return to normal.

Degeneration Phase 2
This stage involves symptoms like narrowing of discs and potential deformation of bones. Challenges become present with posture due to degeneration. Other symptoms may be present like loss of energy and even height. If treated, this stage offers some reversal.

Degeneration Phase 3
Physical and mental difficulties can be experienced during phase 3 of degeneration. Deformation of the bones and discs, nerve damage, and a significant loss of energy and height our typically involved during this phase of degeneration. Some reversal is possible.

Degeneration Phase 4

Phase 4 of degeneration is when most of the damage that has occurred becomes permanent including scar tissue, nerve damage, and deformation. The issue is unable to be reversed at this stage and patients are recommended to seek out ways to manage pain and discomfort.

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